Fall Writing Update – Through the Fog

fog-rocks-oceanIf you’ve been following along, you know that my next book is way beyond past due. I was planning to have it ready in June, July, August, and September (at which time I had to give up the ghost and accept it was going to be longer). There were too many other things going on that needed my attention this year, and my focus and energy were just sapped. The last several months have felt like a dream, and not a particularly good one. And yes, I’m talking about the election.

Without going into too much detail, let me just say that I’ve spent hundreds of hours both educating myself and trying to reach out to others on behalf of the person I thought was our best bet for the presidency. It was exhausting, and frustrating, and disheartening for a myriad of reasons that I will be writing about separately. I’m actually inspired now to begin writing some non-fiction articles and submitting them, because in the course of this, I found my political voice, and boooooy do I have something to say!

But alas, my candidate did not win. It has taken and will take some more time to process my emotions over that – not having my hopes dashed, but what the outcome means for the country and the world. After those tumultuous feelings settle, or perhaps concurrently, I will be finding ways to recharge my batteries, fill the well, and stoke the creative fires once again. And after that, I foresee a long plunge into my own created worlds, if for no other reason than for the escape they provide. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

I have a few scenes left to tweak for Wild Heart, and then a final read-through, formatting, and publishing. At this point, I’m not sure of a release date. I’m considering how much setup and pre-release marketing I want to do, and for how long. My focus right now is on self care and not pushing myself or adding extra stress. When you’re self-published, you can do that. I do plan to pick up blogging again and do it more regularly between now and the end of the year, regardless of how my publishing schedule shifts.

drseussDespite everything this country and each one of us has been through in this election – and will go through in the coming months and years – for now I’m taking comfort in the fact that my mental fog is finally clearing. The sun is rising. There is still work to be done. There are still dreams to be shared. And now, more than ever, people need good stories and happy endings.

I hope the ones I have to give can make some small difference.





Fiction Friday: Bargaining with Shadows


It’s Friday, so I thought I’d share a little snippet from my upcoming urban fantasy romance, To Tame A Wild Heart.

The scene below is one of my favorites, because it is the first time I’ve had a chance to delve deeper into a Hohlwen character.  The Hohlwen (Hollow Ones) are immortal fallen angels made of darkness. They must siphon the “mana” of other living creatures to survive, and Zyne witches provide the most satiating meal.  This book made me explore more about their history, their powers, and the dynamic between them and the Zyne (hint: because they pose such a threat, the Hohlwen have been conquered/enslaved by the ruling body of the Zyne, the Synod. They’re not too happy about that arrangement.)

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Summer Writing Update

coastline-169166_1920Where has the summer gone!?!?

I find myself asking this question yet again, despite the fact that every year I vow to make the most out of the sparkling gem that is a Pacific Northwest summer. They are brief, but breathtaking.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of moving, settling, socializing, and taking part in a beautiful wedding of a dear friend. My lover has been working OT like he’s saving for the end of the world, and I’ve been hoarding what time I have to myself to focus on my upcoming release and decompress.

In the rush of all of this, I’ve been working with an ah-mazing editor on my next book. I’ve pushed my release date a couple of times, but have finally settled on September 21, 2016. Though I will have it ready sooner, I decided all the effort and money I’ve put into will not be put to good use if I don’t take equal care in marketing it. So, for the first time, I’ll be laying down proper groundwork to get this title as much exposure as I can. I’m very excited for that and to see how it is received. I really love this book!

For August, September, and October, I also have some very indulgent self-care plans. I’m talking write-in weekends, spa days, a romantic getaway to Portland, and a decadent yoga retreat at an eastern Washington vineyard. And sure, there will be some fun social outings worked in there too. Meanwhile, I’m focusing on feeding my body and soul, solidifying my daily rituals, and getting my cozy nest all ready for fall.

The sun will be around for a while yet, but I already feel the autumn breeze across my neck, beckoning me to turn inward and let myself slow down and sip every moment with purpose.

Wishing you the boundless possibilities of this new moon in powerful Leo!


Time to Shine

Happy Solstice!

Today is the longest day of the year, but this year, we get a special treat. This solstice coincides with the full moon (June Strawberry Moon). Not only should all that extra sunlight make for a very beautiful, deep amber colored full moon, but it also adds to the energetic potency of this celestial holiday.

This super-charged full moon takes place in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer. It invites us to set our sights on a target or goal (hopefully one of positive change and growth) and to let loose the arrow. To let the currents of energy from this solstice jettison us into a new way of being, a new truth to embody. Or it could just be an opportunity to check in with the path you are walking, and if satisfied, recharge and power forward. Become that comet, blazing across your own horizon.
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Grounding through the Summer Buzz

daisies-1307650_1920I’m a summer child. My birthday is just one week before the solstice, and the summer is when I come fully alive. I love the heat. I love long, languid days and soft, humid nights. I love sunshine, and light, and bright colors. Someone once likened me to a butterfly; saying that I break out of a cocoon and become someone else as the sun takes hold. I’m naturally light and airy. The air signs dominate my astrological chart, and my Ayurvedic sign is Vata. Because of these things, the heat of summer is the perfect balance for me. But the constant INERTIA of the warmer, more active seasons can also be a huge drain on my energy.

Grounding is easy in the fall and winter months, when the seasons virtually call us to do that very thing. We stay inside, we take long baths or cozy up and read by a fire. We snuggle up in our little burrows and draw inward. In contrast, summer invites us to sprawl. We go-go-go until we run out of juice, and then rest a bit and do it all over again. But that can lead to feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, exhausted, or even just scatterbrained.

Here are my five simple tips that can help you feel instantly more grounded, even through the buzz of the summer season:
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