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Writing Wednesday: Trust the Process

Writing Wednesday

Every Winter Solstice, I set an intention for the solar year to come. This year, my intention was balance, and so far so good, I think, but there’s been another lesson/struggle that keeps coming up along with it. What I’ve figured out, is if you want balance, what you really need is ACCEPTANCE and PATIENCE. You have to be able to accept things as they are right now, and even in the act of striving for better balance, you have to be patient with how it comes about.
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Finding a Groove & The Compound Effect

March is just stomping right along for me.  I’m on day 17 of my 21 day Fitness Challenge, and 10 working days away from a week in PARADISE.  I can barely contain my excitement!  As part of the challenge, we’ve been reading a self-improvement book as well.  The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy.  It applies to the fitness challenge, but it’s been resonating with me more on a writing and publishing level.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, but self-publishing is a form of entrepreneurship.  Seriously – I know I’m trying to build a business and that I want to work for myself, I just always thought of it as “cheating the system” by making money from my art.  But it’s not cheating the system.  There is a whole other system for entrepreneurs.  It’s well-established and well-documented, and reading this book has opened my eyes to a sub-genre of self-improvement books that I had never considered useful before. Continue reading “Finding a Groove & The Compound Effect”

Writing, Writing Wednesday

Adventures in Self-Pubbing: Opening Up Shop

Happy Writing Wednesday!

Many years ago, when I first started blogging, I did all sorts of posts on actual writing technique aimed at newbie writers.  This time around, I will leave that to the experts, though I will probably do a round-up of my favorite craft books at some point and maybe occasionally offer public floggingscritiques, if there’s interest.  The writing posts for this blog will be more about my steps/journey into the indie publishing world and my take on the writing “lifestyle.”

So…I published my first book.  I equate this to setting up a virtual “shop” on the web.  I have a storefront (my Amazon author page), I have signage (my blog, twitter, goodreads) pointing people to my shop, and I have one product to sell (my book).
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Holistic Health Hacks for Writers: Indoor Cave Dwelling

Writing is art.  It’s an endeavor of passion.

The thing about art and passion is, it’s easy to get carried away, for life to become imbalanced.  Queue the clichés about writers who drink like fish, smoke like chimneys, forget how to use their legs, or become anti-social.

When I first discovered how much I love writing, I went on a 10-month binge of staying up every other night to write (because I was working a full-time job and attending college during normal waking hours).  That led to: caffeine dependence > Red Bull addiction > digestive problems/insomnia > using alcohol as a sleep aid > anemia, weight gain, and a host of other problems.  Basically, I was a wreck!  It took me a year of prioritizing my health (and letting writing take a backseat) to re-align my system and get on the road to okay – another two years to get to thriving.  I wasn’t able to crank out 5K words a day once I was cooking healthy meals, working out, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

Even if you’re not going to the extremes that I did, the fact of the matter is:

writing = butt in chair
butt in chair = bad for your health

Factor in the holy trinity to all the writers I know (coffee, chocolate, and wine).  Add a cup of deadline anxiety and a dash of sleep deprivation, and it’s pretty easy to find yourself out of balance in one way or another.  You could self-medicate with MORE coffee, chocolate, and wine… or you could integrate some of my favorite healthy habits to make writing not only easier on your body, but actually GOOD for you.  These tips can help anyone who works a desk job too.  😉

This is the first post in a series of posts on Holistic Health Hacks for Writers.  I hope you find one or many of them useful.  I practice most of them on a regular basis.
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