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Finding a Groove & The Compound Effect

March is just stomping right along for me.  I’m on day 17 of my 21 day Fitness Challenge, and 10 working days away from a week in PARADISE.  I can barely contain my excitement!  As part of the challenge, we’ve been reading a self-improvement book as well.  The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy.  It applies to the fitness challenge, but it’s been resonating with me more on a writing and publishing level.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, but self-publishing is a form of entrepreneurship.  Seriously – I know I’m trying to build a business and that I want to work for myself, I just always thought of it as “cheating the system” by making money from my art.  But it’s not cheating the system.  There is a whole other system for entrepreneurs.  It’s well-established and well-documented, and reading this book has opened my eyes to a sub-genre of self-improvement books that I had never considered useful before. Continue reading “Finding a Groove & The Compound Effect”