Cast of Characters

Skydancer Series

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Briana Celene Spurrier
Oracle (Skydancer) – Gemini – Concert Pianist

Briana was born and raised in a Zyne community of Evergreen Cove.  She comes from a long line of powerful Oracles. Bri has suffered from horrible nightmares her whole life, and so chose to turn from the Zyne path and pursue her dream to become a concert pianist.  In Skydancer Book 1, Bri has been called home because of the death of her grandmother and sister. She learns that her grandmother has cast a spell triggering her Oracle powers, and discovers a deadly curse that threatens anyone close to her.  As she fights to gain control of her chaotic visions, she is drawn further into the Zyne world. Soon, it falls on her to save those she loves by piecing together clues from a past life and her grandmother’s dying wish.

Kean Royce Fitzgerald
Ward (9th degree) – Taurus – Firefighter

Kean is the fourth of six Fitzgerald boys born on North Wake. After all their sons were through high school, his parents relocated to the Eastern side of the state to run their family winery, but Kean stayed behind. He joined the Synod and served a three year term (alongside Gawain) hunting down rogue immortals in the Pacific Northwest territories. His battle skills were renowned, but after his term he decided to return to Evergreen Cove and put down roots. (It’s no big secret he’s been waiting for Bri to come back.) He works on the ECFD, and though he was made for action, the slow, quiet pace of island life suits him just fine.

Astrid Dorianne Edgewood
Summoner (10th degree) – Scorpio – Chef/Pub Owner

The Edgewoods are an old and powerful line among the Zyne. Many of them hold positions in the Synod Council or are Archive scholars. Astrid is the only child of one of the “black sheep” of the family who settled for a small town life and had only one child to contribute to the Edgewood Legacy. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and is an unrepentant rebel (though she still cashes in on the Edgewood name when needed). She denied a marriage arranged by her family in favor of studying cooking abroad and running her own business back home. She wants nothing to more than to break free of Synod bureaucracy and start her own coven with her two best friends.

Vivianne Regina Spurrier (Deceased)
Oracle (12th degree) – Gemini – Countess/Coven Sigma

Vivianne was burned at the cross in France in 1595, but her daughter was saved by her immortal lover, Lucas Moncrieffe. Vivianne is also the past life Bri’s regressions keep pulling her back to. As more memories come flooding back to her, Bri is certain that Vivianne has something to do with the curse responsible for her family’s most recent tragedy.

Lucas Moncrieffe
Wolf Kinde (Half-Demon Shifter) – Synod Guard

Lucas is Vivianne’s immortal lover. They are bound with powerful magic that transcends time, and he has been searching for his lost love for over four centuries. Just when he had given up hope and resigned to serving the very people who kept him and Vivianne apart, Fate brings them together again. Only, Bri doesn’t remember him or their union.

Geraldine Cameron (Aunt Geri)
Oracle (5th degree) – Pisces – Retired Midwife

Though she’s only a 5th degree witch, making her own gifts rather average, Geri has mastered many tools and spells and amassed a great amount of knowledge in her 84 years, and is a respected North Wake Coven elder. Though she never had children of her own, she loved Cecelia’s daughter and grand-daughters like they were her own.

Gawain Preston Wanely
Ward (9th degree) – Virgo – Evergreen Cove Sheriff / Coven Sigma

Gawain grew up with Bri, Astrid, and Kean. He joined the Synod with Kean, and the two of them were often assigned as partners and made a great team. Over time, a bond of friendship grew between them, but that was ruined when Gawain lied and betrayed Kean to serve his own ambitions. He is an elected official, both in the community and coven, but sometimes acts as dictator rather than civil servant, and that has made him somewhat unpopular.

Cecelia (Ce-Ce) Spurrier (Deceased)
Oracle (8th degree) – Scorpio – Professional Oracle

Oracles run strong through the Spurrier line, as do daughters. While many can’t master their powers and still keep a foot firmly planted in reality, Ce-Ce’s answer was to use her powers as often as possible and keep flexing the muscle. She was able to raise her daughter on her own, and support her two grand-daughters after that. She was a highly revered and valued member of the Zyne community, and news of her tragic accident (how did an Oracle of her caliber not see it coming?) further fueled the rumors of a Spurrier curse.

Earl Moaggen
Ward (6th degree) – Aquarius – Shop Owner/Potion Maker

Earl was not strong enough to join the Synod (they only take 7th degree and higher), but served in many battles that called for volunteers in his time. He’s an accomplished potion-maker and known throughout the surrounding territories as the best. He owns a small smoke shop on North Wake that is a cover for his more lucrative business. He has a pet Great Horned Owl named Loki.

Aldric Wright
Ward (10th degree) – Capricorn – Synod Council Member

The Wright family is another with a renowned Legacy. Aldric spent his youth being groomed for a position with the Synod, but put his family’s goals aside to take care of Danielle and his daughters. It wasn’t until she grew more ill and dependent that he returned to the Synod in order to earn a better living. Bri blames her mother’s death on him in part, perceiving only his abandonment, but the burden of guilt he carries is far greater.


Minor Characters:

Eric Martin – Briana’s fiancé. He’s the son of the Australian Prime Minister, a business tycoon, and branching into politics.

Simon Peterson – Local fisherman and Zyne, charged with transporting “civilians” from the surrounding islands to the Arcanum when business calls for it.

Tara Jade Spurrier (Deceased) – Tara is Bri’s younger sister, who died in the car accident with Ce-Ce. Unlike Bri, she had no desires for a career or life off island. Though initiated, she was only a 3rd degree Ward and not an actively practicing Zyne. She was an artist and school teacher, and content with her life.

Danielle Spurrier (Deceased) – Bri’s mother Danielle worked as a waitress until she met Bri’s father and became a stay-at-home mother, though she always wanted to act. She was known throughout the islands for her beauty, charm, and performing talent (including her voice, which Bri inherited along with her looks). Unfortunately, her gifts were too much of a burden, and she slowly lost touch with reality, as many Oracles are prone to do. When she died (drowned off the west side of the island), many rumors spread about how and why. Some people said it was the curse on the Spurrier family (a long-standing rumor), while others assumed she’d taken her own life.