Skydancer Book 1 – Rain of Ash

Rain of Ash is set on the fictional North Wake Island, in the small town of Evergreen Cove. The setting is inspired by San Juan Island / Friday Harbor, Washington. I spent many summers there growing up, and was even married on a “Lover’s Bluff” much like what is described in the book. It was important to me to capture not just the small town feel, but eclectic “island vibe” in these stories. The backdrop is also so beautiful and full of color, life, and emotion, it makes for a richer playground for my characters. I always thought that secluded islands would be the perfect place for a community of witches to settle, and because there are so many that are left wild/unexplored, it would be easy to build a magical fortress and shroud it in spells that would keep away outsiders. I have a deep love for the Pacific Northwest, and the islands in particular, so while Bri will go on several adventures that pull her away, Evergreen Cove will always be home.  For pictures of this beautiful setting, check out the Skydancer Pinterest board.