Veil of Thorns

When one of the Synod's shadow wraiths arrives on Oracle Briana Spurrier’s doorstep promising a way to free her true love from his cursed imprisonment, she’s willing to defy both Zyne Law and Cosmic order to strike a bargain with him. But the journey will take her to the far reaches of the globe and into a spellbound forest that is the lair of an ancient and evil enchantress.

Bri will need her Wolfkinde Familiar–Lucas Moncrieffe–by her side if she hopes to survive, even though that means inviting a lover from centuries ago back into her life. As Bri navigates the trickery of the savage immortal world, her power continues to grow, and she faces the most frightening question of all: can she embrace what she is without becoming one of the monsters?

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The Zyne Legacy

Spellbound Adventure

Witches, Shadow Wraiths, Half-Demon Shifters, and a Council of high witches that rule them all. Arcanum fortresses all over the world are hidden from mundane eyes by magics and spells, and "Protect the Legacy" is the one true law.

Arcane Magic

Your journey on the Threefold Path is revealed when your magic awakens. Are you a Summoner with the power of the elements and a bond to all living things, a Ward able to wield energy to protect and defend, or an Oracle gifted with the sight of all things past, present, and future?

Wicked Temptation

Love is a magic of its own, with the ability to change hearts and shape destinies. In a world steeped in ancient powers, passions run deep, and betrayal lurks around every corner, but some souls are meant to be united, and Fate will not be denied.

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Other Books in the Zyne Legacy
Rain of Ash
Skydancer Book 1

You can't outrun Fate...

Briana Spurrier turned her back on her heritage as a reincarnating witch to chase her dream career. But when a tragic accident calls her back to her small town island roots, a spell cast in her grandmother’s dying moments opens her to Oracle powers she’s spent her whole life avoiding. Now, an enemy of old has surfaced, hungry for vengeance…and Bri’s soul. Unprepared and untrained, she must harness the magic buried deep within her before the demon of her past hunts down everyone she holds dear.

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To Tame a Wild Heart
Zyne Legacy Romance 1

She wants her freedom, he needs her surrender. Fate has other plans for them both.

To escape an ancient council of witches with her powers and memory intact, street hustler Audrey Taylor will have to betray the only man she's ever had genuine feelings for. Zyne Falconer Corvin Wright must convert Audrey to the council's cause if he wants to keep his post, but her iron will and wild nature challenge every ideal he holds, and he may have to sacrifice everything to set her free...including his heart.

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