A Simple Home Cleansing & Blessing Ritual

home-blessingI’ve moved almost twenty times. Most recently, I moved into a new house that I will be leasing with my boyfriend for the next two years. Upon getting the keys, my first instinct was to go there and do my usual home blessing. Of course, this was odd to my excruciatingly pragmatic boyfriend, so I found myself explaining it to him. I expected him to laugh at me, or at least give me that “I don’t really understand you but I love you anyway” look. Instead, he listened, and when I was through, he said, “You should do that. I want our home to be blessed.”

Which was a lesson to me – if you take the time to explain the intention behind something, almost everyone will appreciate a blessing, prayer, good wishes, etc. So I thought I would share my simple ritual that I repeat every time I claim a new space as my home. It is a mish-mash of traditions handed down by my mother, Feng Shui, and my own twist relying heavily on the four elements.

As I stress with anyone I talk to about using magic, the key is ALWAYS about intention. Magic is not inherently good or evil. Magic is focused intention. The witch determines the magic, the magic does not determine the witch.

Step 1: Negative Energy Down the Drain

As early as possible before you move in, place a bowl of vinegar as near to the center of your home as you can. Overnight at a minimum, a week is even better. I don’t know the origins of this one, but the idea is that the vinegar draws and traps negative energy. Before you begin your home blessing, take the bowl and dump it in the toilet and flush – bye-bye bad energy!

Step 2: Meditate, Center, Call on Elemental Energies

Gather a candle, salt, incense, and water. If you have standard ritual vessels for these things, use them. If not, use whatever you have handy. Even a rock, a lighter, a feather, and water would work – this is modern witchcraft, yo. Begin this ritual at the “hearth” of your home. If you have a fireplace, do it there. If not, the stove will work, or even where you will put the TV. Think “if I had Christmas stockings, where would I hang them?” and do it there. Stand, sit, whatever is comfortable. If you are a practicing witch and want to cast a circle first, do so in your usual style. I simply sit on the ground before the hearth and arrange my “elements” around me as follows:

East – Air

South – Fire

West – Water

North – Earth

Now, center, meditate, and set your intention. Do this however feels authentic to you. You can sit in silence, chant, whatever floats your boat.

Step 3: Summoning the Elements

I grew up aware of the Elementals that live amongst us. These are the smaller and less influential beings that exist within the elements who are not deities. Most auspicious are the Air Elementals, who got blamed for almost every lost and missing item in our house growing up. Call to the elemental spirits above, below, and surrounding your home. Invite them in. Ask for their attention and assistance. When you feel an adequate “charge” from this (for me this is usually goosebumps or a tingle up my spine), you are ready to begin.

Step 4: Blessing

Beginning at the hearth, and walking clockwise through every room in your home, take each element in turn around the house with you as you speak out loud the blessings you would like to bestow. Channel your intentions into this as strongly as you can. Begin with Fire, and end with Water. As you walk through each room, touch the perimeter of the home with your symbolic element. If this is fire, simply holding the candle nearby is sufficient. With incense, smudge the walls by waving it around, flick the water, and sprinkle the salt. It does not need to be seemless if you have an interior wall in the way, etc. Just imagine in your mind’s eye the magic connecting through the walls to form a cohesive “bubble”. Take special care to sprinkle a good dash of salt into every windowsill and along each doorjamb separating the interior and exterior.

How you word your blessing should be personal and ring true for you, but I will share mine below to give you an idea. To me, each of the elements has not just a direction and an earthly embodiment, but a spiritual property as well. Fire is cleansing, light, and warmth. Earth is grounding, strength, and safety. Air is uplifting, joy, and laughter. Water is transformative, deep emotion, and rejuvenation.

My blessing prayers (repeated for however long it takes to walk through the home):

Spirits of air, please whisk away any lingering negative memories of this home. Fill this space with laughter and joy. Let all who enter here feel their burdens lessened.

Spirits of fire, please cleanse this home. Burn away all negative energy. Chase away the darkness. Fill this hearth and home with light and warmth.

Spirits of earth, please stabilize this home. Lend your strength to the foundation. Let the walls be impenetrable to those who mean us harm. Make this hearth and home a solid place to rest and heal. Let those who enter here feel safe and at peace. 

Spirits of water, please wash away any negativity here. Carry it away on the rivers flowing deep beneath me. Let this home be filled with love and growth. Let all who enter here feel cleansed and rejuvenated.

When finished, close your circle or do a final closing meditation. Thank the spirits around for listening to and aiding you.

Step 5: Bonus Activities

As a tradition, as a part of aligning with the energies surrounding my home, I always leave a gift for the wee folk or faeries outside. Usually this is cornbread, honey, and milk – sometimes wine. I just set it out and leave it overnight. I say a small prayer to them, asking for their blessing and assistance in guarding my home. I continue this offering every month on the night of the full moon to maintain “good relations”. 🙂

I recommend you leave as many windows open during your ritual so that air can move freely as you cleanse. Creating a wind chime or fountain during your blessing ritual is also a great idea. Then install it somewhere where it can keep reinforcing the positive vibes of your magic.

Of course, you don’t have to be moving into a new home to do this. You can do it any time – annually, monthly, or whenever you feel as if there is a “funky” energy in your home that you want to dissipate.

Blessings upon you and your home!




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