Thanks for visiting my home on the web. Pull up a cozy chair and let me get you a cup of tea!

Since you’re here, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Seattle, a.k.a. The Emerald City. I love nature and the outdoors and spend the gorgeous Pacific Northwest summers camping, hiking, and kayaking as much as possible. I earned a degree in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Washington, and I had hoped to discover the meaning of life. Still working on that. When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.

I grew up immersed in supernatural and spiritual studies and have been exposed to many walks of life and belief systems. I have kissed the Blarney Stone, danced naked under the full moon, joined tribal sweats in a deer skin lodge, and once bartered a song for a set of cobalt beads from a medicine man. Nowadays, I honor the universal connection between all living things through yoga and meditation, dabble in astrology and the occult in search of spiritual enlightenment, and brew herbal potions and crafts in my own kitchen.

I love all furry creatures and have been accused many times of stealing people’s pets. I really dig sultry female jazz vocalists, vintage design, and all things pin-up. I’m a painter, graphic artist, shower singer, closet burlesque dancer, and occasionally cook.

Oh, and I weave tales of magic and mysticism in fictional worlds inside my head!  To me, the best kind of fantasy is the kind you can almost believe to be true (I did a 7th grade book report on how The Lord of the Rings is actually a true history of Europe that’s been forgotten like Atlantis – the whole argument hinged on MAMMOTHS and linguistics). So, magical realism in a contemporary setting is what I strive for in my stories. Along with plenty of adventure, romance, and a sprinkle of angst (all the feels!). You can visit my Amazon author page here.

I love talking about being an author and writing, as well as all things urban fantasy and the books I'm currently reading. I hope you come hang out with me on Goodreads or Instagram!

Or email me any time – I love hearing from readers!