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Fall Writing Update – Through the Fog

fog-rocks-oceanIf you’ve been following along, you know that my next book is way beyond past due. I was planning to have it ready in June, July, August, and September (at which time I had to give up the ghost and accept it was going to be longer). There were too many other things going on that needed my attention this year, and my focus and energy were just sapped. The last several months have felt like a dream, and not a particularly good one. And yes, I’m talking about the election.

Without going into too much detail, let me just say that I’ve spent hundreds of hours both educating myself and trying to reach out to others on behalf of the person I thought was our best bet for the presidency. It was exhausting, and frustrating, and disheartening for a myriad of reasons that I will be writing about separately. I’m actually inspired now to begin writing some non-fiction articles and submitting them, because in the course of this, I found my political voice, and boooooy do I have something to say!

But alas, my candidate did not win. It has taken and will take some more time to process my emotions over that – not having my hopes dashed, but what the outcome means for the country and the world. After those tumultuous feelings settle, or perhaps concurrently, I will be finding ways to recharge my batteries, fill the well, and stoke the creative fires once again. And after that, I foresee a long plunge into my own created worlds, if for no other reason than for the escape they provide. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

I have a few scenes left to tweak for Wild Heart, and then a final read-through, formatting, and publishing. At this point, I’m not sure of a release date. I’m considering how much setup and pre-release marketing I want to do, and for how long. My focus right now is on self care and not pushing myself or adding extra stress. When you’re self-published, you can do that. I do plan to pick up blogging again and do it more regularly between now and the end of the year, regardless of how my publishing schedule shifts.

drseussDespite everything this country and each one of us has been through in this election – and will go through in the coming months and years – for now I’m taking comfort in the fact that my mental fog is finally clearing. The sun is rising. There is still work to be done. There are still dreams to be shared. And now, more than ever, people need good stories and happy endings.

I hope the ones I have to give can make some small difference.