The Traveler

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been VERY engrossed in finishing my first draft of Skydancer Book 2.  But I did manage to write some more flash last month for the challenge.  This was my favorite prompt, the word to go with it was FACADE.  Happy Friday, friends!

She arrived in a forest this time. There was no telling where she would end up when she opened and fell through a portal. Sometimes in an echoing hall or a dusty library. Aboard a ship in the heart of a storm. On a mountainside overseeing a great battle.

Today, it was a quiet wood. Birds were chirping merrily. The sound of hoofbeats came came from a distance.

There it was–her calling. Soon she would know why the portal had brought her here.

When it came upon her, the great white horse reared, nearly running the traveller off the road. The rider’s black hood fell back revealing a young woman. Her face was covered in bruises and cuts, and a patch of blood matted her dingy blond hair to her scalp.

“I go to save my brother–they are going to execute him for a crime he did not commit,” she told the traveller.

The woman seemed sincere, her cause noble. The traveller nodded and held out her hand. The woman pulled her into the saddle behind her and they took off down the road. The sound of more hoofbeats and rattling armor trailed them–

“Théa, lunch is ready!” her mother called from the kitchen. Théa sighed and closed her book before turning her chair and wheeling to the doorway. She paused and glanced out the rain-slicked window at the backyard and the woods beyond. The storm battered the trees, and she heard an army of soldiers battering their shields…another battle calling.

After lunch.

A secret smile stole across her lips. 

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