Mystic Monday,  Real Life

From the Darkness, into the Light

The Winter Solstice.  The shortest day and longest night of the year.  For me, this time of the year is not about busy-bustling, shopping, over-imbibing with loved ones, or even stuffing my face with chocolate (though most of those things inevitably happen).  During this pivotal time when the sun – the source of our energy – is the farthest from us, we can cocoon ourselves in darkness and dive into the depths of the self.  I use that energy for private reflection, and to set an intention for the solar year to come.

Last year, my intention was: freedom.  I was on the cusp of a divorce and facing a whole big scary world all on my own for the first time in my life.  Ever.  I spent 2014 tearing up roots, untangling myself from the past, clearing my mental and physical space, and then grounding myself in the new present.  Relationships had to end, possessions were lost, along with a whole identity.  But each time I wanted to panic, I fell back on that intention.  I reminded myself that what I was feeling wasn’t the cold emptiness of loss, but the breezy airiness of freedom. A lot of how we perceive our life has to do with intention. I’m filled with gratitude for having that to guide me through the rough times of the past year.

This year, my intention is: growth. 

Like the seed that germinates in the darkness, I am ready to burst forth with the power of the coming solar cycle and blossom.  The biggest part of that will be my growth as an author, writer, and marketer.  I’m going to expand my life to encompass my own publishing business and dedicate myself to the pursuit of my dream to be a self-employed author.  Meanwhile, I will continue to learn and grow in my personal relationships, and I have several personal and financial goals too.

I guess setting an intention is sort of like having New Years resolutions, but those have never worked for me.  Something about them feels like a do-or-die goal, and when I fall short, I have a tendency to give up.  But an intention… is more like a guideline.  A reminder of WHY I’m pursuing all the goals and doing all the things.  An inspiration to keep going, even when I don’t meet or finish them.  An intention feels kinder.

My first baby step was taking this blog live.  There are still a million things to do to officially launch it, but where there once was no blog, voila!  Here it is!  Thank you for visiting!

How about you?  Have you set an intention for 2015 yet?