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Spring Writing Update

*crawls out from under rock* Hello, World!

I can’t believe the month of May slipped by so quickly. I wish I had pictures of all the fancy dinners I’ve been out to, and all the GORGEOUS Washington hikes I’ve been on, and all the workouts I’ve been doing, and all the healthy food I’ve been cooking and craft projects I’ve completed.  But, noooooo…. I’ve been stuck inside the last month and a half, glued to my laptop.  If you could see inside my brain right now, it would look something like this:

wordle 2

The good news is, I completed the final revisions for RAIN OF ASH: Skydancer Book I.  I did a pretty substantive edit this time through (changing a major plot point) and I also cut 12,000 words!  It was exhausting and frustrating at times, and there was about a week where I was completely stuck because I needed to write a transition scene and I just… didn’t wanna.  But, I pushed through.

I also wish I could say that NOW I’ll be going out on fun waterfront dinner dates and weekend hiking/kayaking/camping trips.  Except I’m not even close to done yet.

See that counter over there? >>>>>

12 DAYS!

Which means:

nobreaksI still have to do another read-through to clean it up. Then proofing, formatting, layouts, and the final read before it is ready to publish.  The good news is, I *sort of* know what I’m doing now. So theoretically, all of those things should happen a lot quicker this time around. *Fingers Crossed!*

Once I’m over the publishing hump, my attention will turn to promotion and spreading the word, while I finish the draft of TO TAME A WILD HEART.  That will be my first “unfinished” book that I’m publishing this year. Kind of scary.  This is where I grab my bootstraps and prove to myself that I CAN write and self-publish while working a full-time job and having a life (sort of).  At least I get to cut loose and celebrate my birthday this weekend. 🙂

Stay tuned for more news as the Summer Solstice approaches.