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Summer Writing Update

coastline-169166_1920Where has the summer gone!?!?

I find myself asking this question yet again, despite the fact that every year I vow to make the most out of the sparkling gem that is a Pacific Northwest summer. They are brief, but breathtaking.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of moving, settling, socializing, and taking part in a beautiful wedding of a dear friend. My lover has been working OT like he’s saving for the end of the world, and I’ve been hoarding what time I have to myself to focus on my upcoming release and decompress.

In the rush of all of this, I’ve been working with an ah-mazing editor on my next book. I’ve pushed my release date a couple of times, but have finally settled on September 21, 2016. Though I will have it ready sooner, I decided all the effort and money I’ve put into will not be put to good use if I don’t take equal care in marketing it. So, for the first time, I’ll be laying down proper groundwork to get this title as much exposure as I can. I’m very excited for that and to see how it is received. I really love this book!

For August, September, and October, I also have some very indulgent self-care plans. I’m talking write-in weekends, spa days, a romantic getaway to Portland, and a decadent yoga retreat at an eastern Washington vineyard. And sure, there will be some fun social outings worked in there too. Meanwhile, I’m focusing on feeding my body and soul, solidifying my daily rituals, and getting my cozy nest all ready for fall.

The sun will be around for a while yet, but I already feel the autumn breeze across my neck, beckoning me to turn inward and let myself slow down and sip every moment with purpose.

Wishing you the boundless possibilities of this new moon in powerful Leo!