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The Chaos Before Balance

I have been remiss at blogging lately.  A lot of things have been shifting and realigning around me, and when that happens, I’ve learned to just let go of the reins and trust that balance will return.  It makes sense that life would feel chaotic right now.

We are approaching a major astrological power-punch.  This year, the new moon (time to set intentions, manifest, create) in March is not only a supermoon (one of 6 times this year where the moon is as close as it can get to earth), but it also falls on the Spring Equinox.  This rare trifecta is also occurring just as the moon is completing its dance around the zodiac and leaves the last degree of Pisces.  This has astrologers buzzing about BIG THINGS about to happen, on a global, community, and personal level.

The Spring Equinox, Ostara as it is known in pagan circles, is the date halfway between the winter and summer solstice, when night and day are perfectly balanced.  It is generally celebrated as the beginning of the cycle of rebirth of the Earth.  It’s a great time to start to plant the seeds (take action) on intentions you’ve set during the dark/introspective time of the year, and to set things into motion.

To me, it speaks of a MAJOR rebalancing this year.  Completion, new beginnings…basically a master astrological “reset.”  That is the energy I plan to channel from this powerful concurrence of events.  My personal horoscope even says this will be a time for a shake-up in my career/life path.  I think I have seen that coming (though the scale of the effects are unpredictable) and I  feel like I’ve already laid the first stones of this path in place, but I haven’t gotten that big push from the Universe yet.  I hope that this will be it.

In the meantime, March has just been a flurry from the moment it came on the scene.  I ended February on a wonderful note, with a retreat to the breathtaking Suncadia Resort with good writer friends, Anna, Danielle, and Carmen.  This sums up the nights:


And this is the view I woke up to every morning:


It was totally productive and rejuvenating and exactly what I needed!!!  That following Monday, I began a 21 Day Fitness Challenge (35 days for me) with Coach Amber to get myself as ready as I can be for a CARIBBEAN VACATION with my babe on April 11th.  The challenge is a big time commitment, forcing me to prioritize my workouts, meal planning, and food prep, as well as interact with the group for accountability.  I really needed that, as I have a tendency to lean into creative work so heavily that I let everything else slide.

It was right about then that I got a little, okay A LOT overwhelmed with my next publication date rapidly approaching.  Remembering that I should PUSH HARD but be gentle, I decided to delay the release of Rain of Ash to allow myself more time to get it just right.  My initial intention was always to publish this series on the Solstices.  I modified it when I came up with a goal of 4 books a year.  I believe that was a mistake.  It feels much better to have it back in alignment now.  I will release Book One on 6/21 and Book Two on 12/21.  Accordingly, I’ve pushed the release of  To Tame a Wild Heart to September.  DEEP BREATH.

Even though I’ve been more focused on real life happenings, I still have some exciting writing things in the works:

  1. My writer pals convinced me to submit a workshop proposal for the Emerald City Writers’ Conference this year, which I did.
  2. They also convinced me I should have a Facebook page, so I will. I grumbled about this, but if that is where the readers are, that is where I must go. I will find a way to make it work. (Update!  My FB Page is rolling!)
  3. The Rain of Ash cover will be revealed Saturday, coinciding with the solar eclipse, new moon, and Spring Equinox. My own personal celestial launchpad for the SKYDANCER series. I got a fat juicy yes from the Universe on this decision.
  4. I’m working on new web graphics too and excited to integrate them and get the site feeling more “me”.

That’s all for now.  I hope you are making the most of the energy that is building and that this Ostara finds you in a place of peace and harmony or provides the jumpstart you need to set yourself on a new course.