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Time to Shine

Happy Solstice!

Today is the longest day of the year, but this year, we get a special treat. This solstice coincides with the full moon (June Strawberry Moon). Not only should all that extra sunlight make for a very beautiful, deep amber colored full moon, but it also adds to the energetic potency of this celestial holiday.

This super-charged full moon takes place in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer. It invites us to set our sights on a target or goal (hopefully one of positive change and growth) and to let loose the arrow. To let the currents of energy from this solstice jettison us into a new way of being, a new truth to embody. Or it could just be an opportunity to check in with the path you are walking, and if satisfied, recharge and power forward. Become that comet, blazing across your own horizon.

One major shift I have felt building heavily on a global scale the past several months is the force of the Divine Feminine awakening. It feels to me as if this movement is coming to a head, and that 2016 is a year that will go down in history as when woman began to roar. Everything from pop icons digging in their feminist heels, to women finally speaking out honestly about injustices they’ve suffered, to the first woman in US history becoming a presidential nominee. BIG CHANGES. It feels like the voice of the Great Mother is finally unifying and rising up (about time, right?!).

Our journey is always a winding one, a spiral – inward or outward, or sometimes both at the same time. Though Sag calls us to shoot straight and true, when I think of quotes on truth and personal growth, this is one of my favorites:


I mentioned in my last post on grounding through this season’s buzzing energies the idea of “summer sprawl”. This quote allows me to sink into that and not let it make me feel like I am completely derailed. It feels so calming. It reminds me that intentions can be set in a clear direction, but it is important to remember that growth is expansive and happens in all directions at once. That growth can be overwhelming with a surge of “change” energy like the one coming at us today, or we can sit with it and soak it all in, and then focus some of it in the direction of our choosing.

For me personally, this solstice is calling me to realign with my purpose and to streamline my intentions and – most importantly – make sure my actions follow through with them. I have been feeling disjointed, disengaged, and unmotivated lately, and I am learning that those feelings usually stem from feeling ingenuine, like I am not living my truth, or walking my talk. I have layers I need to shed in order to find that new growth and bring it into the light. Tonight, I’ll be doing a focused meditation to call in all of that sun/moon energy and use it to blaze a new trail for myself that fully embodies my vision of the life I want. There may be some warrior and archer poses worked into that too!

Whether you acknowledge this holiday, celebrate the esbats, or are just beginning to tune into celestial energies, I hope you take advantage of this auspicious (last one was in 1967) solstice/full moon in some way that moves you. Take aim, and shoot for the stars!