Zyne Witch Paranormal Romance

Wild Heart Cover

She wants her freedom.

Audrey Taylor has carved a living out of society’s fringes using her supernatural abilities and street smarts. Freedom—sleeping beneath the open skies and under the radar—is all she’s ever needed. But when an ancient council of witches discovers her powers, Audrey must submit to their training or be stripped of her gifts and her memory. Audrey knows better than to trust anyone, and she’s never worked well with others, so it’s just her luck to be assigned a withdrawn and irritable falconer as her mentor. Even more disturbing is her desire to tear through his brooding façade and bare the man beneath when she should be focused on escape.

He needs her surrender.

Corvin Wright values the solace of his duties and only finds peace among the birds entrusted to his keeping. But the council no longer sees a use for his unique gifts, and his sanctuary is in danger unless he can earn his place by babysitting a fledgling witch. The task becomes daunting when his apprentice turns out to be wilder and more broken than any creature he’s ever cared for. Her fiery spirit and dangerous beauty challenge every ideal of the life he’s built. As Audrey wrestles with her captivity and the bonds of responsibility laid upon her, Corvin must find a way to tame her wild heart before she breaks his.

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This story also features: a nosy raven sidekick, an overbearing Oracle mother, a fallen angel with his own agenda, and an epic battle with evil sorcerers.

“A sexy, enjoyable read for fans of fantasy romance.”
Amanada Linsmeier
Fantasy Author
“…if you like urban fantasy with some seriously delicious and drool-worthy scenes, do yourself a favour and devour this book!”
Goodreads Reviewer
“I totally call dibs on Corvin (swoon), he is my new number one favorite book boyfriend.”
Faerie Bookworm
Book Review Blog