Writing Wednesday – Pay it Forward

Congratulations to all NaNoWriMo finishers!!  

It’s been a couple of weeks, so hopefully the dust has settled and you have caught up on sleep and real life and everything you let slide while you were furiously typing away.  And maybe you’re asking yourself, “Okay, I finished a book…now what?”  Or maybe you’re a veteran and already working on rewrites.  Either way, you would be crazy not to take me up on this.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately about how to build a community of writers around myself, and then I realized they were already there.  Many readers are aspiring writers, and ALL writers start out as readers.  Then a friend was complimenting me on how supportive I am to fledgling writers, which is really sweet, but I thought, “I’m not really that helpful.”  THEN another friend did an amazing Vlog about mentorship and how important it is, and my brain went DING-DING-DING.  Also, it’s the end of the year, and I’m in a giving kind of mood.

So, here is my offer for you: 

I am gifting THREE mentorship packages, open to anyone with a completed fiction manuscript of 50K words or more in any genre.


All packages come with a 30 minute Q&A via phone or 6 questions answered via email–any topic relating to writing process, querying, submitting, the publishing business, self-publishing, marketing, etc.

  1. Full read-through of MS and editorial letter.  This is a letter similar to what you would receive from an agent or editor.  It will be 1-2 pages and summarize my thoughts on plot, characterization, pacing, POV, and writing style/voice.  A zoomed-out perspective for someone who knows they need to do rewrites but isn’t sure where to start.
  2. Line-by-line critique of first 50 pages, done in Microsoft Word redline.  This is for someone who is confident in their story but needs a guiding hand on editing minutiae or is just looking for another set of eyes on their MS before submitting to agents or contests.  I’m a very experienced critiquer and will get a feel for how rough or gentle you want me to be, and can promise I won’t make you want to jump off a bridge.
  3. Assistance crafting a query package (query letter and synopsis).  I will help you polish this up and make it shine, or guide you through it if it’s your first time.

About my credentials:  Aside from publishing 3 novels, I bring 10 years of experience writing and editing fiction, critiquing in groups and one-on-one (some of my past critique partners are now bestselling authors) and working with professional editors as an author.  I also paid my dues on the query and contest circuits for several years and attended countless conferences and workshops before I decided to self-pub.  Trust me–I can help you, and don’t forget it’s FREE!


Email me a 30 word pitch of your book to: gwen.mitchell.fiction@gmail.com

Put PITCH for book title in the subject line and at the end tell me which package you would choose (ideally I want to do 1 of each).

Offer closes on January 5th, 2018 and I will select my three favorite pitches to mentor.  I will reply to all pitches to confirm receipt, so if you don’t hear anything from me within a few days, follow-up via social media (Twitter, FB or IG Messenger).

Please share with any writers you know who could benefit from this!

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