The mortal plane is the crucible in which light and darkness battle for the collective karma of all mortal souls. Though most people have only have one chance to make their mark, some are chosen by Fate to live thirteen lives. These souls—the Zyne—are bestowed by Fate with magical gifts to help defend the cosmic order. But not all those who are gifted choose the light, and ancient evil forces seek to corrupt this celestial power and tear reality asunder.

For generations, the Zyne have remained hidden, guardians of the arcane mysteries and relics of magic on earth. Mages. Prophets. Healers. Heretics. They have been revered and reviled, but they have endured—a living shield between mundane society and the nightmares lurking in the shadows. As long as the Wheel of Stars keeps turning, as long as Fate keeps calling them back, they will protect the Zyne Legacy.

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