Codex / Glossary

The Cosmos (The Stars, The Heavens) – The  embodiment of the divine source of all that exists, also called the Universe. Zyne believe the Stars are the souls of their ancestors who have ascended, and the Heavens is the place they return to when they’ve completed their turn on the Wheel of Stars (the Zodiac).

Fate (The Fates) – The unseen will of the Cosmos. The tracks of destiny are laid out for every soul at birth, though how Fated things come to pass can change based on free will, and the outcome is affected by our choices and those of souls connected to ours.

Karma – The combined cosmic force of a soul’s choices, for either light or darkness.

The Conduit – The source of all magic on the mortal plane, found in all things. “The Conduit is all around us — between the molecules of air, of blood, of earth — inside of everything on this plane. It’s the substance of life and death. In light and in the absence of light. It moves within us and responds to our will.”

Zyne – Souls chosen by Fate to uphold the Cosmic balance and gifted with magical abilities. They reincarnate through thirteen lives and accumulate more magical power with each life (degree). They come from all races and religions, and almost all magical tools and rituals we know of today are remnants of the Zyne Legacy.

The Legacy – Both the bloodlines of Zyne witches and the inherited knowledge and relics they leave behind. “Protect the Legacy” is a Zyne witch’s first and most important oath. It means to keep the Legacy secret from mundanes and defend it against evil magic users, immortals, and elemental forces.

Threefold Path – Zyne powers develop during puberty in one of three directions: Oracle, Summoner, or Ward. In addition to having a particular path to follow, each Zyne individual has a special talent or gift.

Oracle – Oracles are clairvoyants and seers. They can see into the past or future, and some can commune with spirits, astral plane or astral project, or even travel between planes.  They possess a Second Sight that allows them to see magic and energies others cannot perceive. As a weakness, they can be flighty, and when their powers are very strong, often go insane.

Summoner – Summoners are connected to the elemental forces. They often can commune with animals and plants and/or control the weather. They usually have an affinity with one element, and some can conjure Elementals. They can have strong empathic abilities or are able to see auras. Summoners are often the best at potions and spellcraft due to their strong connections to earth and death magic.

Ward – Wards are magical warriors able to shield  themselves, others, and places. Many have heightened magic senses and probes that “taste” the energy of a place or person and can be set as traps and alarms. On the offensive, most are telekinetic. High degree Wards can master spells to create energy blasts harnessing sound, light, or heat. Some special gifts may be invisibility cloaking or fading (teleporting).

Coven – A community of Zyne living in close proximity and channeling their magic together.  Covens are granted a license to practice by the Synod, and it requires at least one of each type of witch–Oracle, Summoner, Ward–to form a coven. All practicing Zyne must be bound into a coven.  The coven has an elected leader, the Sigma, who reports back to the Zyne Synod.

Divan – a book of Zyne spells and knowledge that has become a sink of powerful magic in its own right. Most have been protected in the Archives, banished to other planes, or hidden by elemental forces.

Primer – a simple spellbook used for studying the Zyne arts.

Relic – powerful magical objects that are coveted and protected pieces of the Legacy.

Synod – The governing body of the Zyne. The Synod is a global Council of high-degree witches that was formed two centuries B.C. as a means of protecting the Legacy and enforcing other Zyne laws.

Arcanum – Each territory has an Arcanum that houses the Synod and the Zyne archives of the local community. All are located over magical nodes where ley lines intersect.  Every Arcanum is connected to the Legacy Vault, a place that exists on another plane and is only accessed through high degree magic. The vault is where powerful relics of the Legacy are stored.

The Sealing – The spell that sealed the magical planes of Khaos and Ordiri from the mortal realm.  This event came at the end of a long and bloody war for control of the mortal plane, and marked the beginning of the Synod and a new age of magical governance.

The Kinde – At one time, the doors between earth and the other planes were open, and many demons of Khaos walked on Earth. Known as Soldiers of Fortune, they taught the Zyne many forms of magic but also harvested humans for their own uses. When the doors between realms were closed by the Zyne, some half-breeds bound themselves to Zyne magic and took on the form of an animal (usually a wolf) on the full moon (the height of Zyne power). They are powerful immortals, but most are bound to the Synod by a blood oath of service.

The Hohlwen – The Hollow Ones. Immortal eyes and ears of the Synod. They are cursed shadow beings that can fly and move through darkness at the speed of thought. Often called wraiths, they are actually angels of war “fallen” from the light of Ordiri, and do not have a soul of their own. They must feed off the life-force energy of others. The Synod keeps them under control by supplying them with concentrated magic to feed from. For this reason, leech is a derogatory term used by some witches.

Lumere – A Zyne spirit trapped in between incarnations.

Nekros – A reanimated body raised by necromancy.

Fae/Fairies/Little Folk – Magical spirits and beings that hide on earth behind a veil of magic.  Most are innocuous or even helpful, but some can be troublesome.

Elementals – A being forged from elemental magic to do the will of its summoner. Some can be spelled to animate when an alarm is triggered.